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Welcome to my very first blog!

Jan 6, 2010

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Wow, My 1st ever blog !

Now its time for me to embark into my new Journey in life!

I just realised what would be even more fitting is to start with a holiday in this brand new year of 2010.

I have been a Fashion designer for over 20yrs!

I have always been a person who appreciates life and its creations!

I have enjoyed all the loops and yarns of it all and still wanting for more.

Harnessing all aspect of design, I have taken its differences and have become a better designer!

I create silhouettes with the beauty of lines and panels from mens’ to women’s wear, Daywear to evening, Gym wear to dance wear and now latin and Ballroom.

I have the apptitude understanding what people desire .

Having a passion to share with people. I want them to feel- what I see, to want – what I create.

I now know designing is my dream job regardless where and who I work for!


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