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Xin chao! How are you?

Jan 16, 2010


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Xin chao!How are you?

Yes im a bit behind with the progress of my blogmania!

You know what? im so loving this Free Wi fi in this counrty! I cannot believe its not readily available in oz!

Anyways I m having such a fantastic time! In darwin it was humid around 32degrees – In Hcmc was 32degrees – Hanoi 18degrees – Halong bay 15degrees and Hoi an so far 20degrees!

Ive got so many photos to share! But mainly the who idea was to enjoy and relax and take in the whole culture as it is Vietnam !

What a great way to start is by lubricating your senses with graphic photos of the food i have eaten and the beautiful presention thats expresses the beautiful and richness of the people in this country!

So please enjoy some this images and hopefully you can enjoy it with me!

Tien Day! Bye




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