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When Luxury is everything!

Sep 2, 2010


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Australia now has her first 6 Star Hotel. Perfectly named as Wolgan Valley. With its beautiful land and majestic mountain surroundings. Every single luxury villa has its own picturesque story to tell. Wolgan Valley is beautiful and is carefully orchestrated to blend into its surroundings but yet has all the sophistications of a 6 Star hotel.

Its is absolutely exclusive, but definitely worth it.I was so overwhelmed by the amazing wildlife and Panoramic landscape. While having lunch on a beautiful day enjoying an ever changing rich palette of sandstone mountains. We ploughed through a subtle richness of a delicious rabbit pie top with crispy layers of perfect golden pastry. Also an aromatic truffle infused wild mushroom risotto with perfectly grilled sweet trussed tomatoes. It was just delicious! But whats amazing was wallabies hopping past in front of us. It was just picture perfect. Overall it was just wonderful and memorable weekend! Special thanks to the organiser and staff . We left feeling very special!


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