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AVL Designs Mens Spring Collection 2013, Coming Soon!

Aug 28, 2013


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Here are just some of the designs from AVL Designs Mens Spring Collection 2013. The Spring collection is about celebrating Spring, freshness and bright colours.

I am a huge believer in colour, the colour you wear is a representation of who you are, it has the most effect on your mood. We all have our favourite colour and every time we wear it , it makes us feel confident and sexy.

Black plays a vital role this Spring Collection, I use bright colourful and printed fabrics to bright up your personality. I love bold and bright colours and no matter what the season, I like to wear a lot of colours. So in my Spring Collection I use orange, green, yellow, blue, turquoise and red to contrast with black and grey.

Every month we will feature “AVL LEDs”  (Limited Edition Designs) on our store. We only produce small quantities, and once they’re sold they’re gone forever. So please visit out e-boutique regularly.

Our e-boutique will be launcedh in Mid September.

Next week we will share with you our Womens Spring Collection for 2013. So please stay tune.

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