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You were always there as I grew up And I’m very proud, I am In the lottery of life, I’m a winner I got the world best Mum You didn’t study for this job Or have to pass an exam So how come you turned out to be The World’s most expert Mum

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums in the universe! 


Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Feb 19, 2015

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“In Chinese, the upcoming lunar year is directly translated as ‘Year of the Yang’ but the meaning of the word ‘Yang’ is often lost in translation and could mean sheep, goat or ram. However, the most popular expression generally accepted is ‘The year of the sheep’.

The New Year period is the busiest and is considered to be the equivalent of American Thanksgiving in China.

“The significance of the Chinese New Year is primarily familial — it is the one holiday that every member of the family will do his/her absolute best to return home to celebrate the end of the year with the entire family, akin to the American Thanksgiving, for family gathering and to give thanks, all of which centers around FOOD!”

Happy Chinese New Year!

Anthony Van Lam  Up Coming

Group Show

“Colour Sprectrum” part of

“Spectrum NOW” Festival

11 March – 29 March

ArtSHINE Gallery

(Is housed in COSydney- Sydney CoWorking + Project Space)

3 Blackfriars Street Chippendale NSW 2008

For the past few months, I have been busy designing in the day time and painting in the evening. Although my business is fashion and designs outfits and costumes for dancers and entertainment industry , and one of my favourite past time is to switch off designing and pick up a paintbrush and start painting. Creating art and painting on canvases  give me the inner peace where I can leave my frantic day behind and relax and connect with my  art. I would highly recommend you to find a creativity that you can tune in to help you relax so that you can resume to your day job and feel totally fulfil in you life and most of all “Be happy”. My fulfilment is painting.

So what is your creativity when you are not doing your day job or working in your business?

Next month March I will be in a group show “Colour Specrum” with 8 other taltented artists during the Spectrum Now festival Sydney.  The theme is about culture, lifestyle, fashion, art and colours.

Here are some of my art for the show. These artworks still in working in progress stage.

To all my Friends, Family and Clients.

Have a fantastic Mardi Gras!

Miss Fanny Floss- Princess Warrior 2014


Fashion Quote of the Week!

Apr 23, 2013

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Wedding Dress

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

~Yves Saint-Laurent

“I Dream My Paint And Then I Paint My Dream” – Vincent Van Gogh

"Wings Larger Than Life!"

Jun 23, 2011


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I love creating this painting ! Its in mixed media. My main objective was to make the Butterfly translucent and that its holding up to the blowing wind. I want to keep the intense black! Creating the segments in the butterfly wings I created segments in the branches also ! I just love this colour of aqua and mint! Its just reminds me of the crisp early morning ! Hope you guys like this?

Peering Thru Hibiscus

May 24, 2011


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Hope you guys like this! Its a sketch I did with a pen!

A Field of Gold Poppies!

May 20, 2011


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Drifting in the wind and brushing through a field of flowers! Meet my latest painting Gliding poppies! This is a mixed media painting. I used water colour, acrylic, Gel pens, glitter pen. I wanted to achieve a richness of gold foiling and shimmering fairytale with translucent flowers! This painting makes me feel like I have struck gold!

I just love Melbourne, Great fashion,food and coffee. I have to give it to them they sure knows how to make their city look so stylish! We stay at The Artseries hotels call The Blackman. It is beautiful and very modern. The infamous icon of australian art Charles Blackman is being show case here. I have been told that there will be a following of boutique hotels showcasing other Australian artist. Charles Blackman blessed him with better health but he should be very proud of how beautiful and classy this hotel has become, honoring his legacy.

I really love the fact that as a guest you are given knowledge and history of the Artist from an in house programs. Every floor from foyer to the room you have the privilege to appreciate the talent and the quirkiness of the Artis fascination with the “Rabbit and Alice in the wonderland”! Overall I really like this hotel, the beds was comfortable and stylish decor will make a difference to a most enjoyable stay! The bonus thing is that you get a feeling like you are sleeping in a gallery and most important how amazing australian art is! Lets hope Sydney picks up on some trendy tips from Melbourne. Can you imagine a trendy modern boutique hotel with everything about Norman Lindsay and his work and influences. That would be just fantastic! We can only hope!