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We have just launched AVL Designs Brand New Website this morning. Please check it out and give me feedback about out site.

For the opening sale, everything is 30% off just sign up to our list before November 30 !

Please check out our NEW Spring Collections for Mens and Womens.

Today I am sharing just some of the designs from my Women’s Spring collection 2013.

Some of the designs were inspired when I was travelling to Asia last year. I love the colourful embroideries work contrast on lighter fabrics. This Spring my collection is about celebrate life, vitality through the use of colours, patterns and using some of embroideries blocks and trims to highlight my designs.

As I mentioned on the last post, most of my designs are limited editions, therefore I will only produce maximum 10-20 designs. I want you to feel special and not walking on the street and you come across another person is also wearing the same designs as yours.

So I hope your like my Spring collection. More to follow..

Please stay tune.

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I was so excited about my new website and I am not suppose to show it as yet because it is still under construction.

I just can’t help but to share a sneak peek of the new website with you.


So what do you think?

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Tune in next week our new collections for Mens, Womens and Accessories for Spring 2013.

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I love hunting for fabrics.  It’s fun and exciting but sometimes it can be frustrating too, like when you’re visiting different shops and you still can’t find the right fabrics for your project. That’s when you need to be creative with your designs and have a great eyes to spot for different fabrics that can substitute for your project.

I have several favourite fabric stores that I get my fabrics regularly. I also know what their specialties are so that it will safe me a lot of time from running around sourcing fabrics from stores to stores. I can just go to that shop and the fabric is available right there. A great tip for you is to get to know the people who work there, if you build a great relationship with them you will always get great helpful service.

So colourful and beautiful ! Golden Goddess

Wow, My 1st ever blog !

Now its time for me to embark into my new Journey in life!

I just realised what would be even more fitting is to start with a holiday in this brand new year of 2010.

I have been a Fashion designer for over 20yrs!

I have always been a person who appreciates life and its creations!

I have enjoyed all the loops and yarns of it all and still wanting for more.

Harnessing all aspect of design, I have taken its differences and have become a better designer!

I create silhouettes with the beauty of lines and panels from mens’ to women’s wear, Daywear to evening, Gym wear to dance wear and now latin and Ballroom.

I have the apptitude understanding what people desire .

Having a passion to share with people. I want them to feel- what I see, to want – what I create.

I now know designing is my dream job regardless where and who I work for!