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I just love Melbourne, Great fashion,food and coffee. I have to give it to them they sure knows how to make their city look so stylish! We stay at The Artseries hotels call The Blackman. It is beautiful and very modern. The infamous icon of australian art Charles Blackman is being show case here. I have been told that there will be a following of boutique hotels showcasing other Australian artist. Charles Blackman blessed him with better health but he should be very proud of how beautiful and classy this hotel has become, honoring his legacy.

I really love the fact that as a guest you are given knowledge and history of the Artist from an in house programs. Every floor from foyer to the room you have the privilege to appreciate the talent and the quirkiness of the Artis fascination with the “Rabbit and Alice in the wonderland”! Overall I really like this hotel, the beds was comfortable and stylish decor will¬†make a difference to a most enjoyable stay! The bonus thing is that you get a feeling like you are sleeping in a gallery and most important how amazing australian art is! Lets hope Sydney picks up on some trendy tips from Melbourne. Can you imagine a trendy modern boutique hotel with everything about Norman Lindsay and his work and influences. That would be just fantastic! We can only hope!


Beautiful Thailand !

Sep 12, 2010


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Beautiful Thailand is still as beautiful as what it was a decade ago! The weather this time is the wet season! It is very hot still and the humidity is very extreme. You almost yearn for rain to feel a little better! Shopping in the rain is quite fun and at times a relief! Overall it was a successful and enjoyable trip! Trying to take in the culture and realising how lucky we are. It is very humbling and very greatful of what we have ! This time around I didn’t get sick as I was a little cautious with the water! But I have to admit I almost did a charlotte moment from a scene in Sex in the City movie! But Luckily I was fine! Besides all the safety issues of the tap water. Thai quisine is just absolutely amazing. My favourite dish is actually the Pad Thai and now the pad see yew is far better! I also love the Peking duck , japanese bento box and even Fajitas!

When Luxury is everything!

Sep 2, 2010


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Australia now has her first 6 Star Hotel. Perfectly named as Wolgan Valley. With its beautiful land and majestic mountain surroundings. Every single luxury villa has its own picturesque story to tell. Wolgan Valley is beautiful and is carefully orchestrated to blend into its surroundings but yet has all the sophistications of a 6 Star hotel.

Its is absolutely exclusive, but definitely worth it.I was so overwhelmed by the amazing wildlife and Panoramic landscape. While having lunch on a beautiful day enjoying an ever changing rich palette of sandstone mountains. We ploughed through a subtle richness of a delicious rabbit pie top with crispy layers of perfect golden pastry. Also an aromatic truffle infused wild mushroom risotto with perfectly grilled sweet trussed tomatoes. It was just delicious! But whats amazing was wallabies hopping past in front of us. It was just picture perfect. Overall it was just wonderful and memorable weekend! Special thanks to the organiser and staff . We left feeling very special!


Hanoi Food Culture

Jan 17, 2010


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Here are some more photos that might interest you guys! I took this photo from the illy coffee house! I love this photo!

The other photos are of my lunch experience in a beautiful french fusion restaurant called La badiane in Hanoi! We offcourse met the chef! It was fantastic and im telling you now ! It taste even better! It was a bit hard to start eating it as because it was once again beautifully presented! Im going to rated it 5/5!

What do you think?

Xin chao! How are you?

Jan 16, 2010


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Xin chao!How are you?

Yes im a bit behind with the progress of my blogmania!

You know what? im so loving this Free Wi fi in this counrty! I cannot believe its not readily available in oz!

Anyways I m having such a fantastic time! In darwin it was humid around 32degrees – In Hcmc was 32degrees – Hanoi 18degrees – Halong bay 15degrees and Hoi an so far 20degrees!

Ive got so many photos to share! But mainly the who idea was to enjoy and relax and take in the whole culture as it is Vietnam !

What a great way to start is by lubricating your senses with graphic photos of the food i have eaten and the beautiful presention thats expresses the beautiful and richness of the people in this country!

So please enjoy some this images and hopefully you can enjoy it with me!

Tien Day! Bye