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Lest We Forget.

Apr 25, 2015


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We salute you. We honour you. We thank you – for your service, and for your selfless sacrifice. And for this we are eternally grateful.

Lest We Forget.

Orchids Fever

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 14, 2015

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“Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.”


AVL Designs

For the past few months, I have been busy designing in the day time and painting in the evening. Although my business is fashion and designs outfits and costumes for dancers and entertainment industry , and one of my favourite past time is to switch off designing and pick up a paintbrush and start painting. Creating art and painting on canvases  give me the inner peace where I can leave my frantic day behind and relax and connect with my  art. I would highly recommend you to find a creativity that you can tune in to help you relax so that you can resume to your day job and feel totally fulfil in you life and most of all “Be happy”. My fulfilment is painting.

So what is your creativity when you are not doing your day job or working in your business?

Next month March I will be in a group show “Colour Specrum” with 8 other taltented artists during the Spectrum Now festival Sydney.  The theme is about culture, lifestyle, fashion, art and colours.

Here are some of my art for the show. These artworks still in working in progress stage.

Happy Australia Day!

Jan 26, 2015


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Model: Lucy Marie Claire from Dance Dr. 

Happy Australia Day!

The Australia Day celebrations in Sydney are befitting of Australia’s oldest and biggest city with events and activities spread far and wide, on the beaches, in the backyards, in the sky and in parks, it’s a day to celebrate in true Aussie style.

Click Below to know more what ‘s on this Australia day Happy Australia Day!


We are pleased to announce our Spring/Summer mens collection is now available at Daly Male  Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney.

88 – 90 Oxford St Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia (02) 9361 0331 Open Today 9:30am – 6:00pm

Here are just some of our designs  available in the store and also on our e-store.

Daly Male

Spring/ Summer 2014/2015 Mens Collection.

Short Sleeve Tops

Spring/ Summer 2014/2015 Mens Collection.

 Sleeve Tops



Jan 7, 2014

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This New Chic Summer Beach Cover up has just added to our online store. This is a great piece for your summer wardrobe. You can wear it out, over your swimwear or your Summer outfit.

The cover up is made out of Chiffon fabric. It has white floral prints on yellow chiffon.

Retail at $79.95

Summer Special sign up to our list to receive a 30% off.

Now $56  until 31 March 2014

Limited edition of  20 pieces only




A Christmas Wish From AVL Designs

Dec 20, 2013


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Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas

with a Bright and Prosperous New Year! 

Thank you for all your support and

Let’s all look forward to 2014…


Best Wishes

Anthony & The AVL Designs Team


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Feb 14, 2013


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Hearts and flowers…  Poetry…  Love songs…  Ribbons and bows… Yeah, I’d rather have the chocolate, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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It’s Beautiful Vietnam Of Course!

Jan 10, 2010


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Hi Everyone!

Its Just been 4 days since I left Sydney on my voyage to see the country where i was born!

Its Beautiful Vietnam offcourse!

Im actually a little nervous as the trip did take a bit of a detour via Darwin ! As Jetstar had to stop via darwin to refuel!

Anyways the stop over in Darwin lasted for 5hrs so we hired a car and drove around darwin and had early dinner at Stokeshill Wharf and took some photos of plants !

It was very interesting….. !

5hrs later we have landed in Vietnam Ho chi minh City! I can’t explain this feeling I had when I stepped outside the airport. Normally when I’ ve been to other Asian countries I usually feel nervous and disoriented. But it was very comforting and some how it feels like home! I mean i basically felt comfortable and Welcomed!

I have attached a few photos. I hope you guys like them and they will be more to come i promise!

OH Stayed in the Continental hotel – It was like the raffles without the $$$$$! Fabulous Fabulous! Had Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant and passed out!

Next day- had breakfast and omg it was so nice the courtyard,the restaurant and the food -Delicious!