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Sep 26

Shining like superstars in Avldesigns!

Shining like superstars in Avldesigns!

Looking beautiful at Dance Royale. 1st Place Jazz, 2nd Place Ballet, 2nd Place Contemporary and HC Lyrical. So proud of you guys, now to Nationals!


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Sep 25

This gorgeous little pocket rocket!

I was bless with this gorgeous little pocket rocket!

Her name is Jade ! She is adorable in an Avldesigns ! A shoutout to beautiful Diana Dimos! Watch out for this one !


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Sep 24

Beautiful and graceful !

Love Noa in this Dress by Anthony – Avldesigns. Beautiful and graceful !ul and graceful !

Sep 20

Congrats girl! Shout out to Evolution Performance Centre !

Don’t they look amazing and absolutely gorgeous !

Love love the colours together!

Congrats girl! Shout out to Evolution Performance Centre !



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Jul 25

Jasmine shine!

Wow just look at Jasmine shine!

Beautiful dancer! Watch her leap into a beautiful dancer.

Designed by Avldesigns!

avldesigns #dancewear #leotard

Jul 10

Let me design for you!

Beautiful Yetti in on my creations for a very memorable event!

Elegant white and Classic Latin dress! Absolutely gorgeous!

“Let me design for you!”

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Jun 11

The 35th Annual Blue Mountain Costume Ball 2016

Every year in June, We attend the Blue Mountain Queen’s Ball. This year it was hels at the Fairmont Resort in Leura.

Winner 2015 “Bell of the Ball”

This is my 6th time to attend the Ball. I have won twice for the costume designs. My first prize was Last year “Belle of the Ball” (grand prize) and this year I won for the overall customs for “Best Group Costume Design”.

“Winner 2016 Bes Group costume”

Photo  Ros Spark photography

This year’s theme for the ball was very French “ Blu, Blanc et Rouge”. All the costume must have the 3 clours Blue, White and Red just like the Franch Flag.

It was so much fun to design the outfit. This year I have the honour to design for three classy lovely ladies ; Arwyn, Ce and Peta. It was a pleasure and joy to come up with the designs for them.

Arwyn, Ce and Peta-The three classy ladies

Gorgeous Ash Isaac and Irina Shaw looking fabulous in an Avldesigns creation!

Irina & Ash

Thanks  you Ladies and Gents, you are  look fantastic !

What a Memorable event in 2016 !

Let’s do again next year 2017

Feb 08

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of The Monkey!

恭喜發財  Kong He Fat Choi!

What is Chinese Red Packet?

During The Chinese New Year celebration, giving out red packets  are  giving good luck for the new year. A New Start, A New Chapter, A New Beginning.

We insert money in the red packet is to bring happiness, welcoming in the Year of the Monkey. In China, the red and gold packet is called yasui qian, or  Lai See (Cantonese) in Hong Kong.

The red packets are usually given to the younger generation by their parents, grandparents and  relatives, and it is not cool to open the envelope in front of the person who has just given it to you.

The colour of red symbolises energy, good fortune and to ward off evil spirits. It is traditional to give the packets after the New Year’s Eve Feast or parents may also place the red packet under their children’s pillows when there fall asleep, and the children  recieve their first surprise in the New  year day morning.

When we were young, my brothers and I always looking for to the New Year as we could make a lot of pocket money from the Red Packets.

Hapyy Chinese New Year!

May the Year of the Monkey attract all the good wishes this year

for you and your family


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Oct 13

AVL Designs Concept Store is now at ArtSHINE Gallery showcase

AVL Designs Mens and Womens Collections are now available to purchase at ArtSHINE Gallery Showcase at 3 Blackfriars St Chippendale.

I am so excited to finally have my own concept store housed in a gallery showcase. ArtSHINE gallery is a platform dedicated to emerging and established artists, designers and makers.  The gallery works with artists, designers, and makers showcase their talent and help them connect with established and emerging collectors and a bridge bringing and connecting artists with their ideal clients.

Come and visit ArtSHINE gallery in the inner city village of Chippendale; Sydney’s creative precinct. You’ll find hundreds of paintings on display covering every style of art imaginable and retail space showcasing  designers’ products from homeward, giftware, fashion, jewellery to artisans food and produce.


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Aug 01

Congratulations to the amazing dancer Jasmine Healy

Last week I received these beautiful photographs from my client Grace Healy.

I designed two dance costumes for her beautiful and talented daughter Jasmine Healy. I was thrilled and so happy to find out that she had wan awards for her dance routines and costumes at Eisteddford Dance competition.

Here you can see Jasmine in  her blue outfit. it was especially designed for her contemporary dance called “Water.”

The second outfit is a beautiful green colour was for her Lyrical routine call “Gravity”.

Grace and Jasmine, it was a great honnor to have the opportunity to design the dance costumes for your competition and congratulations on your winning and awards. Bravo!