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Jul 24

Hot Pink & Sexy Polka Dots!

I had such a pleasure designing two dance outfits for Gabby Melissari. Also to congratulate her for winning award at the event.

Congratulations Gabby and thanks for your support over the year.

You and Maria are wonderful.

Ballroom Dress

Latin  2 piece Images: James Wang Dance Photography

Jul 17

The F.I.E.N.D.S- Sydney’s Same Sex Dancesport Competition 6 July 2013

Two weekends ago, we attended The F.I.E.N.D.S  Sydney’s Same Sex Dancesport Competition 2013. It was such a great event we were there to cheer Amanda and Sharon, they were performing in the competition. I was so pleased to see them wearing my latest design. They look fantastic!

Thanks for your support Amanda and Sharon. Nick and I really enjoyed the competition and thanks so much for your invitation to the event.

Both Amanda & Sharon were also featured on the front cover of the July issue (No. 651) of SX magazine.

In case you are wondering what is  F.I.E.N.D.S stand for:

Friendly,Inclusive, Easygoing, Non-political, Dance of Sydney

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for all your support.

Jul 02

When Two Become One. Let Ballroom Tie The Knot!


I am so happy to share this news with you today.  My beautiful clients Amanda & Sharon are in the spotlight this week. They have been featured on the front cover of the latest issue of SX magazine (Issue No. 651) wearing my designs.

SX July Issue No. 651

Amanda and Sharon are competing in the same-sex ballroom competition this Saturday and we wish them the very best of luck with the competition. Thank you Amanda and Sharon for choosing to wear one of my latest designs for this exciting event.

Next week we will post the photo of that new designs.

Jun 28

The Evolution Performance Centre Project

We had so much fun designing for the Evolution Performance Center in Crows Nest . My mission was Purity white, with flying butterflies and make it sparkle like Angel’sDust! 

I think I have achieved this. Mission accomplished!

Congratulations to the dances. 

You all look stunning and amazing. 

Well done girls & boys!


Congratulations to Airu and Noa getting 1st place for jazz duo with a perfect score of 100!!

And coming 2nd place in Jan Morris Memorial section.

Noa came 2nd for jazz solo, contemporary solo and lyrical solo in 15/u open sections and 2nd for 13/u broadway jazz! @City of Holroyd

A BIG thank you to Kristy Wynter for giving us the opportunity to design the outfits and share the excitement of  your journey. It was a great pleasure in working with you Kristy.

Thanks so much for all your support.

To your success,

Anthony Van Lam & the team

Images & Sources:



Jun 07

Angels on a Mission!

These Angels are my latest designs for a dance group.  They will be worn by three talent young dance from Evolution Performance center in Crows Nest

Which one is your favourite?

Angel #1


Angel #2


Angel #3

May 30

Fabrics Hunting day!

I love hunting for fabrics.  It’s fun and exciting but sometimes it can be frustrating too, like when you’re visiting different shops and you still can’t find the right fabrics for your project. That’s when you need to be creative with your designs and have a great eyes to spot for different fabrics that can substitute for your project.

I have several favourite fabric stores that I get my fabrics regularly. I also know what their specialties are so that it will safe me a lot of time from running around sourcing fabrics from stores to stores. I can just go to that shop and the fabric is available right there. A great tip for you is to get to know the people who work there, if you build a great relationship with them you will always get great helpful service.

So colourful and beautiful ! Golden Goddess

May 22

Inspirational Quote in Art & Designs

“Good Art is a taste. Good Design is an opinion”

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May 17

Inspirational Quote in Art & Design!

“You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed  in the costume of failure” ~ Zig Ziglar

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May 10

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the beautiful MUMS in the world. Happy Mother’s Day! ~Anthony Van Lam Designs


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May 07

The Making of the Masks

We had lots of fun making these masquerade masks for this coming Queen’s birthday ball on Sunday 9th June at the Fairmount Resort Leura. As you can see the masks are embellished with Sea creatures and diamante. This year’s theme is ” A Water Fantasy”.  So Neptune is the ruler of the sea and his protectors are the warriors.

Here are some of the photos showing the making of the masks. I will share with you the outfits at the later stage.

NeptuneWarriors’ Masks for Queen’s Birthday Ball



 With Diamente

   Diamante embellishment




Stingray Mask


Embellished with Diamante


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