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Jan 30

Inspirational Quote in Art & Design

Good Art Inspires. Good Design Motivates.


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Jan 23

"Lavender sparkle glams up the ball!"

“Belle of the Ball -Sparkles and Glamour in shades of Lavender!”

Jan 15

Inspirational Quotes in Art & Designs

“I Dream My Paint And Then I Paint My Dream” – Vincent Van Gogh

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Jan 10

Blackpool Fire Dress – Ballroom

I Love this dress!

It is very sheer and sexy . It is made from sheer organza and Silk Chiffon. Then it is  embellished in Swarovski Crystal to gift it more BLING! I also made the Jewellery like the Necklace, bracelet and hair piece to compliment this dress. It is also heavily encrusted with Crystals . Natalia you are just magnificent.

The Worlds First and Foremost leading Festival of Dancing. The first Blackpool Dance Festival was held in 1920 in the magnificent Empress Ballroom in the Winter Gardens See Blackpool 1997 – 2010http://www.blackpooldancefestival.net/


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Jan 08

Inspirational Quote for Art & Designs

“Good Art sends a different message to everyone, Good Design sends the same to everyone”

                                                                                                            ~ John O’Nolan


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Jan 04

Kitty Purrs – Katy Perry Perfume Launch

“Purrfect timing for Kitty Fun!” I totally love this project launch ! The brief was to come up and re design Katy Perry’s Perfume Launch Promo Catsuit. The models were to parade in the Catsuits promoting the latest Katy Perry Perfume! So I came up with this design !

PURRFECT  Don’t you think?


Jan 03

Under the Tuscan Sun! ,Kay & Mandy’s Wedding Day (Daniel Cassin from 2Day FM 104.1)

When you think of Tuscany, you think of the romantic scenery. The palette I used is orange to reflect the Tuscan Sun. I designed three individual gowns to reflect the difference personality of each bride maids.

Along with the same brief, I have also designed the evening gown for the bride’s tribute dance with the groom. The gown is in a lovely champagne rose with lace and embellished with diamantes.


Daniel “Mandy” Cassin & Kay

In:Couture, made to measure

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Apr 02

Meet Maya, the complete solution for your e-commerce

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Jun 23

"Wings Larger Than Life!"

I love creating this painting ! Its in mixed media. My main objective was to make the Butterfly translucent and that its holding up to the blowing wind. I want to keep the intense black! Creating the segments in the butterfly wings I created segments in the branches also ! I just love this colour of aqua and mint! Its just reminds me of the crisp early morning ! Hope you guys like this?


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May 24

Peering Thru Hibiscus


Hope you guys like this! Its a sketch I did with a pen!


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