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I am Anthony. I am an Australia Fashion designer, Graphic Designer and Artist.

Anthony Van Lam Designs is my label where I share my creative life in Art and fashion. I have worked on my label and stay true to myself that sometimes you have to just go with the flow and look for opportunities with an open perspective. Looking back I am so happy to be surrounded by beautiful and creative people that guided me in many ways. But you have to send yourself positivity to keep pursuing your dreams.

I m a strong believer in using what you have and what you have learnt and put it into practice. I like to use my imagination to create beautiful things. My artworks are all related to everything in life that fascinates me and always overwhelmed me with excitement. I need their stories to be told through my art. Some of my subjects are darker than most but I like to share the different sides of them. Especially the beauty of the lessons in life, sacrifices, inner strengths and beliefs, all these topics are very important for me to share. The beauty of silhouettes, shapes and lines of all shades of colours are the things I see would show in my works

I always combine my works with subjects that have meaning or symbolise the subject matter. Like the symbolism of flowers and their messages. I love flowers and animals and what they represent.

My fashion range is a collective of images captured from my art which I like to call it ‘Moving Art’. Putting elements of my art as fashion pieces is keeping my dream job alive. I would describe my creative journey as a storyteller of creativity through Art and Fashion.

I was asked once what was my dream job.

My reply was ‘ I’m doing it now. I consider myself very lucky that I can say that I am Free to love and free to create!

So welcome to my world of Art, Fashion and celebrating a journey of shared experiences and the fascination of what’s around us!

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Welcome to my new collection called ‘Moving Art’. There will be an ongoing series of these fashion garments, where you become my Moving Art.

All the designs have my artwork printed on them. By wearing these pieces you are spreading the love and sharing my creativity and influences. As art on the move!

They are from my influences and subject matters from life and also topics around us. From Respect to Retro, Diamonds are forever, Wild West, Saving Bees, Rabbits Tales and many others like Artdeco to Silent movies.

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