Custom Design

Custom Design

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We all like to think we can create something special!
We all wanted something tailored for us!

Either with a suitable colour palette, to get the perfect silhouette and to find a garment that suit or the right size. For most customers, we always start with a creative journey. A smooth process requiring picture reference. Sometimes I rely on the type of genre and the particular music to draw my inspiration from. I will also ask relateable questions and follow with sketches to finish with the design process. Once we establish the design, the measurements will be taken and an initial deposit or full payment will apply!

Sometimes a design requires extra detailing like embellishments with diamantés, other adornments and extra services! Sometimes an initial quote will be given or given later because of the different specifications needed.

Usually, a time frame of 6 to 8 weeks of production time is required.

Hope to create something for you soon!

Some of Anthony’s Designs

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