art and design quotes

art and design quotes
Elise’s Formal  Dress

  Elise is a gorgeous daughter of my beautiful friend Wendy! We have seen her blossom into a beautiful young lady ! I remember Elise told Wendy – “Anthony is my very own designer, and he is going to design my formal dress” I thought that was so cute and I m honoured.  …

Inspirational Quote in Art & Designs

“To touch, to move, to inspire.  This is the true gift of dance”.  ~Aubrey Lynch      

Inspirational Quote in Art and Design

Gold Latin Lace Ruffles “A designer, like an archaeologist or geologist; researches, uncovers and adds context to precious, overlooked treasures by digging deep beneath the surface”. ~ SCOTT THEISEN   

Inspirational Quote in Art & Design

“Good Design is a lot like clear thinking made visual“ ~Edward Tufte

Inspirational Quote for Art & Designs

“Good Art sends a different message to everyone, Good Design sends the same to everyone”                                                                      …

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