This gorgeous little pocket rocket!

I was bless with this gorgeous little pocket rocket! Her name is Jade ! She is adorable in an Avldesigns ! A shoutout to beautiful Diana Dimos! Watch out for this one !   #avldesigns #dianadimos  #village # custommade costume # dancewear # winners

Let me design for you!

Beautiful Yetti in on my creations for a very memorable event! Elegant white and Classic Latin dress! Absolutely gorgeous! “Let me design for you!” #custom-made #latindress#evening dress# dancewear #formaldress#whitedress#avldesigns#

Inspirational Quote in Art & Designs

    “The truest expression of people is in  its dance and in its music.  Bodies never lie”.  ~ Agnes de Mille

Inspirational Quotes in Art & Designs

“I see dance being used as communication  between body and soul,  to express what it too deep to find for words”.  ~Ruth St. Denis

Inspirational Quote in Art & Designs

“To touch, to move, to inspire.  This is the true gift of dance”.  ~Aubrey Lynch      

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