Evolution Performance Centre

Evolution Performance Centre
Congrats girl! Shout out to Evolution Performance Centre !

Don’t they look amazing and absolutely gorgeous ! Love love the colours together! Congrats girl! Shout out to Evolution Performance Centre ! https://www.facebook.com/alvdesigns/   #solodancecustome# troupecostumes # avldesigns

A Design for  Noa! It all started with a song and sketch!

This is a sketch of Noa Matsuda ‘s dance outfit.  I get my inspirations from listen to my clients, turn on the music and let my creativity flow from my mind onto paper. A design for Noa! The second  stage is to select fabrics to suit the outfit and the dance…

The Evolution Performance Centre Project

We had so much fun designing for the Evolution Performance Center in Crows Nest . My mission was Purity white, with flying butterflies and make it sparkle like Angel’sDust!  I think I have achieved this. Mission accomplished! Congratulations to the dances.  You all look stunning and amazing.  Well done girls…

Angels on a Mission!

These Angels are my latest designs for a dance group.  They will be worn by three talent young dance from Evolution Performance center in Crows Nest Which one is your favourite? Angel #1 Or Angel #2 Or Angel #3

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