AVL Designs collaborates with Artist Gabby Malpas
AVL Designs collaborates with Artist Gabby Malpas

AVL Designs collaborates with Artist Gabby Malpas

Anthony & GABBY samples

I met Gabby Malpas at an art and fashion event last year. It was such an honour when Gabby approached me to do a collaboration with her. I immediately said “Yes” to Gabby without know anything about the fabrics. But I knew, whatever fabrics she presented to me they would be beautiful and of great quality.


Firstly, let me introduce you to Gabby, a talented artist. Gabby’s current works are images of things she has bought, eaten, and picked around Sydney. Joyful and chaotic images which aim to put a modern twist on the extravagant Dutch still life genre. Instead of rare and exotic flowers, her flowers are blooms picked and grown locally or available from a greengrocer.  The priceless ceramics in Dutch paintings are replaced with items found in junk shops and yard sales but painted with care and attention as if they too are Ming vases. Her artworks are beautiful, bright, and colourful. Every time I look at her art, they bring me lots of smiles and happiness.

pale-tulips-510x687‘Pale pink tulips’

When I received the fabrics from Gabby I was very impressed with the designs. The fabrics are so soft to touch in satin and silk. The fabrics are digitally printed with Gabby’s original art pattern repeat based on her paintings of blue and white ceramics and the other design has repeated of Tiger Lilies flowers. They are just stunning don’t you think?

Pattern_3_blue smaller

Image-3So to compliment her traditional blue and white  designs, I did a twist on traditional meets modern design, I transformed her fabric in a elegant Cowl neck design blouse. What do you think?




With the Tiger Lilies fabric I came up with two designs. One design is a sleeveless top with a tie up around the neck. The second design is a  square like cut kaftan.  As you can see I used the same fabric  but it has given me two different looks.

gabby samples4

 It was fun working with Gabby, she is so lovely and has great sense of humour. I like that about Gabby. She is authentic and genuine artist.

Thank you for this opportunity Gabby and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.



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Comments (3)

  • These are beautiful, I love the uniqueness of these fabrics – it would be interesting to see other fabrics made into your designs, it seems a match made in heaven.

    Jenny Toso
    • Thank you Jenny. I loved working with Gabby and her fabric designs are beautiful. They are so detail and delicate. Just stunning! Gabby is in the process of designing more fabrics. You should check out her website gabbymalpas.com and her blog http://mangofrooty.blogspot.com.au. for more update. Thanks for visiting my website. Have a lovely day

  • Anthony! How did I miss this fabulous article

    Thanks so much and this reminded me to order the fabric for our next project


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