How provocative is "Jade Phoenix"!
How provocative is "Jade Phoenix"!

How provocative is "Jade Phoenix"!

I remember seeing my mother wearing a Cheong sum ,thinking how beautiful and seductive she looked. I also remember some old posters with seductive shanghai bar girls holding their long cigarettes,wearing their tight Cheong sum looking so provocative yet so innocent . I really love the sophisticated line of a Cheong Sum – meaning long dress in Cantonese.

The beautiful fabric with embroideries of dragons and phoenix to floral finished with gold threads.I design this ballroom dress with the influence of this tradition dress line and off course I twigged it with a sexy low back. I used Jade sensual stretch Satin and Jade Sequin to gift this dress an imperial feel. This dress is detail with Pink Swarovski Crystals and embellished on the frogging to its mandarin collar.

Hope you like this design as it is one off my favorite design paying attention to details and simplicity at the same time! Just beautiful I think!



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  • The dress is beautiful, I like how you combine East & West into own outfit. Just devine!


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