It’s Beautiful Vietnam Of Course!
It’s Beautiful Vietnam Of Course!

It’s Beautiful Vietnam Of Course!

Hi Everyone!

Its Just been 4 days since I left Sydney on my voyage to see the country where i was born!

Its Beautiful Vietnam offcourse!

Im actually a little nervous as the trip did take a bit of a detour via Darwin ! As Jetstar had to stop via darwin to refuel!

Anyways the stop over in Darwin lasted for 5hrs so we hired a car and drove around darwin and had early dinner at Stokeshill Wharf and took some photos of plants !

It was very interesting….. !

5hrs later we have landed in Vietnam Ho chi minh City! I can’t explain this feeling I had when I stepped outside the airport. Normally when I’ ve been to other Asian countries I usually feel nervous and disoriented. But it was very comforting and some how it feels like home! I mean i basically felt comfortable and Welcomed!

I have attached a few photos. I hope you guys like them and they will be more to come i promise!

OH Stayed in the Continental hotel – It was like the raffles without the $$$$$! Fabulous Fabulous! Had Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant and passed out!

Next day- had breakfast and omg it was so nice the courtyard,the restaurant and the food -Delicious!

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  • Wow, love the plant photos. its beautiful. Glad you have a great time & felt connected your our motherland.

    Have more fun

    Take care



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