The Making Of The Black Swan
The Making Of The Black Swan

The Making Of The Black Swan


Deep Mysteries with in!

Beauty in its Darkest moment !

I was commissioned to design and make this Beautiful piece “The Black Swan”.  Kristy from Evolutions Performance Centre had choreographed a signature piece for Beautiful Noa!

Noa Blk swan

Noa Matsuda

Anthony emblemishing blk swan Small image

For this piece I wanted layers and layers of dark texture!

From Silks to leatherette, feathers to diamantes!

I created a very dominant but yet elegant line from the Silhouette !

I also love the elegant choker to the diagonal line that cinches the dancer to enhance her beautiful lines from the choreography!

This is a very dark piece so i add faux black fox  and diamantes  to create a mysterious glimmer under a dark base!

So when Noa moves she looks like she is flying or drifting in the wind!

Emblemishing Blk Swan

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